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DPS P6 Extractor


DPS P6 Extractor is a plugin designed specifically for Primavera P6 users in order to facilitate the extraction of dashboards and reports. Being able to automatically plot your initial project S Curve and follow the project's actuals and trends is a powerful approach to take corrective actions in due time.


  • Extract updated information of your projects directly to a P6 database;

  • Immediate access to dashboards and reports displayed in your BI tool

  • Dashboards are automatically updated with every project change/update

  • Earned Value Analysis 2 clicks away

  • Drill down analysis operated directly on DPS P6 Extractor

  • Analyze specific WBS items to quickly locate deviation

Try a live sample of DPS Extractor right now!

Download below more detailed information on DPS P6 Extractor

See below our quick installation guide to learn how to apply DPS on your current P6 Database

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