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Oracle Primavera Unifier

Primavera Unifier provides solutions for capital projects and portfolio management, facility management and real estate management. Get governance in all phases of the project, from planning and construction to maintenance. Its web-based platform optimizes and integrates critical business processes, data and documents across the organization.

The user interface is intuitive and can be adapted to your segment. Whether you are using pre-built models or building new configurations, Primavera Unifier offers the best combination of ease of use and flexibility, no matter the size of your deployment.


  • Ability to control costs and deliver project and management;

  • Real-time visibility through projects to make quick and accurate decisions;

  • Easy monitoring, visualization and adjustment of plans based on financial forecasts;

  • Multi-level hierarchies to model programs, portfolios, facilities and assets;

  • User friendly and completely integrated collaboration;

  • Easy to install and use.

The products of the Primavera Unifier family include:

  • Primavera Capital Planning

  • Primavera Cost Controls

  • Primavera Facility Management

  • Primavera Project Delivery Management

  • Primavera Real Estate Management

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